Monday, 25 June 2012

Local Lovely Flavour: Chocolate Princess (Chocolat Princesse)

Whilst scrolling through The Zimbo Jam Facebook page a while ago, I stumbled upon The Chocolate Princess or as I would like to say in French - Chocolat Princesse. Ever since then Chocolate Princess has been my newly found lady obsession! So I decided to do a little research and label it “My Local Lovely Flavour” feature and share it with everyone. The Chocolate Princess is the brainchild of the vivacious Rudo J Nyangulu who is not only a fabulous lady herself but is also a devoted arts and media individual, having founded E:thos Photography and The Art of Being Humane Foundation. The Chocolate Princess Co focuses primarily on the development and empowerment of Women through their gorgeous events and brand development for the business savvy lady.  Ladies Pamper Thy Self is their oh-so-popular monthly event that is strictly for the ladies and by the ladies and is taking place on the 30th June 2012 in Harare.
I’m loving this Local Lovely Flavour for not only being Local (born and bred in Zimbabwe) but for being Gorgeous-Glam with a High Powered suit in tow. If you are a lady like me, I’m pretty sure you’ll be obsessed with Chocolate Princess and their vision as much as a I am. Show some Love and get acquainted with Chocolat Princesse (in French).
For more information on The Chocolate Princess check out their Facebook page and Twitter page.
Have Fun.
Stay Gorg and Glam
Chocolate Princess Logo

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