Monday, 29 July 2013

Signature Toscie on Pinterest

Like any other girl, my love for photography, glitzy photos and pictures is no secret; since I avidly enjoy reading magazines and taking my own pictures. So in this case Pinterest is no new secret for any social media loving fashionista! You get to create exciting boards with all your favourite pictures and inspirations. There’s nothing new about my Pinterest account except that it expresses all that is me, what I love, like, lust and adore about fashion, food and anything else inbetween. But my most particular attention is on my personal board “Toscie’s Closet” which I started earlier in the year. This board is where I share my clothing and accessories straight from my wardrobe and experiment with some looks (some of which are not on the blog).
So hop on over to Signature Toscie’s Pinterest page and take a look at Toscie’s Closet. Whilst your at it, you are more than welcome to follow me!

Some of my looks from the past few weeks of July;

Happy Pinning!
Stay Gorg and Glam,

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